Use Video to Drive Fluid Simulations in Houdini

Here we learn how to drive Flip fluid simulations with video data in Houdini by utilizing motion vector passes (optical flow) generated from Nuke. This is more or less a description of the technique I explored here:

Here is a link to Part 2 of this tutorial, that covers how to accomplish this with VOPs (no code) as opposed to VEX:

This tutorial assumes some working understanding of Houdini 16 and it’s interface. Topics covered include a brief talk about attributes, some vex, and some FLIP simulations.

This is my first tutorial, sorry if this is a little rough around the edges. I would love to see other creations using this method so please leave me a comment with a link to your explorations below!

Example footage used in the workflow is a little large for me to host, but here is a link to the .hip file:

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