Using PFTrack, Maya & After Effects to Correct Barrel Distortion & Composite 3D Elements

James Whiffin takes a look at correcting for barrel lens distortion in After Effects so the shot cam be tracked using the PixelFarm’s PFTrack and then using Maya to create 3D elements to matchmove into the scene. Check out the tutorial for Correcting Barrel Distortion And Compositing 3D Elements Using PFTrack, Maya And After Effects here.From the tutorial description: In this fantastic new tutorial from James Whiffin you’ll learn all about “Barrel Distortion”, what it is, what causes it and how to correct it. James will show you an example of barrel distortion and discuss why it occurs and the problems it can cause when match moving or compositing 3D elements into your shots. You’ll then learn how to remove the distortion using After Effects, motion track the corrected footage using PFTrack and how to add 3D elements created in Maya. Lastly you’ll learn how to combine everything together in After Effects and re-introduce the distortion effect to blend everything together seamlessly.