Workflow for Getting 3D Scans to Augmented Reality

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This workflow is just one of many approaches to take 3d scan data into Augmented Reality or a game engine. What I like about this workflow is that it allows a lot of control over the quality and you are only limited by your own creativity and technical knowledge. With each piece of software focusing on what they are designed to do best – ZBrush(sculpting) Cinema4d(Animation) Unity3D(Interactive/coding)

This tutorial was based on some free assets provided by
check out the blog, some really interesting stuff.

This tutorial will be broken down into two parts, The first part covering the processes below:
00:00 Introduction
02:00 Importing the 3D scan
06:00 Re-topology
17:00 Projecting details to the retopo mesh
21:40 Poly paint
23:50 Unwrapping
29:00 Exporting assets

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